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Triple Triad Thoughts

I've not posted a serious blog on the lodestone in a long time; but I have recently completed a grand feat, at least in my eyes. I have obtained the Triple Triad Card mount, which requires you to collect the first 312 cards in the card list. The cards expand from Triple Triad's introduction to FFXIV through the end of Shadowbringer's Expansion, and require you to complete a plethora of content, ranging from Eureka and Southern Front, to the various trials, dungeons, Hildibrand questlines, 24 and 8 man raids.

Along with having to farm much of the game's content, you also must battle NPCs, participate in Open Tournaments, the Battlehall, and Spend a fair amount of MGP on cards, some of which are random pulls. I ended up spending over 1 million on just the required cards.

I never thought I would acquire that mount. My only motivation to playing Triple Triad was wanting to get rid of those damn card icons littered all over my maps; but as I began to play and understand the game, that little collector spark triggered within my mind, and I got sucked into a game that I originally despised.

and to be honest, I still really don't like Triple Triad as a game.

My biggest gripe with the game is your NPC opponents do not have the same deck restrictions as you do. While every NPC can be defeated with a weaker deck, I found myself wanting to brute force through some games, especially after 20 wins without a card drop. It also breaks the immersion of a card game duel, as your opponent is playing a different format than you.

Another issue I have with the game is when the game ends in a draw. Certain rules like Chaos can really put you on the defensive, where you are just trying to end in a draw, as the opponent's deck is simply stronger than yours. Sudden death is an interesting idea, but an irritant in practice. I'd rather just restart a game than play the second game. There is a reason Shahrazad is banned in every format of Magic the Gathering. Overall, I find this game ends in too many draws, and can often feel like a loss, despite making intelligent plays throughout the game.

I'm not going to complain about drop rates, though they were driving me crazy while grinding for some of them. RNG is a pain in any game, but I find it more permittable in a multiplayer game like FFXIV.

Overall, I would not recommend this grind. While collecting can be addictive, the mini game required to play just isn't interesting or well-designed enough to validate the time and effort it will take.

If you do decide to pursue TT, I wish you the best of luck, because you're gonna need it.

I'm currently only missing 7 EX cards and 3 cards form Endwalker trials, I'm in too deep now...
Commentaires (3)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

I was going to say, what the hell did you do about the EX and raid drops, but you probably bought them from the MB.

Do they even HAVE them on the MB? I did not know you could sell cards if they do.

If you can I will just sell all the crap I get from those EX fights instead of MGPing them.

But yeah, I tried it for a bit, saw that bullshit drop rate for winning games, and promptly quit trying. LOL

Bear Ironfist

Faerie [Aether]

They drop from the normal trials and raids, I've done some extremes unsynced from ShB. But no, you can't buy cards with gil, only specific ones with MGP.

Only missing Meteion and hair lady

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

I personally LOVE the Triple Triad mount, but I perfectly know I’ll never find the will to actually delve into the game enough… Or I will, against my will, just to get the mount in the far future.

I’m still a newbie when it comes to TT myself but yeah in general I don’t like game much either… And to say I love card games as they were my children, in real life…

What you did is indeed a great achievement, and I’m happy for you knowing full well the pain of collecting those bitches!
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