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Tonights the night!! ^_^

The time has finally come for our venues grand opening!
I am so thrilled and utterly horrified QwQ
How do people deal with this kind of stress ?! We're now less than 5 hours away from the doors opening.
I don't want to screw this up, to top everything off, tonight's our leaders birthday ^_^ what if I ruin this?!
..Can't think.. halp me...
On a brighter side, I finally get to see my bff tonight! I havn't seen her since our photoshoot, thing's have just been so crazy lately. I can't wait to show her all the work I put in, it's gonna be amazing! Everyone else seems to be so brave and not buckling under the pressure, I'm the only one cracking at the seams it would se(a)em haha, sorry I couldn't help it. Big news coming about 2 other events this weekend if I can get around to writing it all down. For right now, I'm just gonna try not to cry again ^_^
I'm so excited halp
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