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Tragg Mad Journal part 3

After i wrote my last blog, i got alot accomplished the same day. I managed to get my character to second lieutenant, and paid for an apartment. I started working on blue mage as well and its i'm liking it a lot. I also started the hildebrandt quests and i know theres a lot of hate for those but for me, it doesn't bother me. I played the yakuza games awhile ago and they have pretty corny side quests as well, so i'm use to it. I also started doing more golden saucer stuff. I'm just trying out the games and some of the weekly achievements. I also started working on the squadrons.

In one of the facebook groups, i saw someone getting stopped in the post msq because they had to do the crystal tower series, so i went ahead and completed those. I don't like the way they made a series of raid required to complete the msq but whatever. For the raids i did ok, luckily most people already know what to do, so i just did what i could to get throug it. Not much coordination with anyone though so it kind of takes the enjoyment out of it. I did watch viideos on it just to know what to expect.

On the 3rd raid, i didn't meet the gear requirement, so since i didn't have plans to go through the black mage quest, i just got a bought a black mage tale from the store. I played with the class before on another character, not fully leveled but i didn't really care for it that much. So i'll just use it when i really need it. It is helpful getting high level classes if you prefer to solo a lot. If i dont feel like dealing with mobs during a quest, i can just wipe them out and then switch back to my original class to carry on.

The monk is kind of tough to play sometimes because i have to get up close and it makes me even more nervous in the raid because i don't where i should be focusing. However i do plan on redoing the 3rd raid with the monk, so i can get the loot for him.

Today i played on my rogue and unlocked the ninja. Which is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to leveling that job up.

I'm plainning to wait for the 6.2 patch to finish up the msq so i can get proper credit for it. I really like going in the dungeons with the npcs, its more relaxing then having to party with randoms.

I'm really looking forward to sanctuary island. I hope its really good as it sounds.

On a side note, i'm looking in to getting Harvestella when it releases.

Well that is all for today.
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