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greatful day (today!)


today,I take party recruitement mode.

(I want to be level up blu mage)

suddenly two fighters join in

there are very kind .

and go to morduna

and fight with them.

after i reach enough level,

go to blue fog and fight again.

one of today's party member

she said "let's go to ID to get more blu magic"

and she recruiting a new member,

in cutters cry another party member,

he is very smart fighting and healing so fast

and more, he is junping (tell us before the boss's dangerous attac).

so i can fight more eazyly,

today, i enjoyed id fighting and feel fun in id too.

thank you so much

and I feel so fun and happy!

I remember that ID fighting is so fun and exiting!!

thank you today's party member

thank you Oceania server

thank you Final Fanasy XIV xD !!

his chocobo is good color :)

her car is so smart amazing !!
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