Bayonetta Lakill

Leviathan [Primal]

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😢 Goodbye Eorzea 😢

I dont even know how to write this , i know i cant write it as eloquently, beautiful or as meaningful as i know i am capable of doing because its simply too heartbreaking right now 🥹

Well i DID in fact write as eloquently, beautiful and meaningful as i knew i was capable of but the fact that Loadstone blogs are largely unread i realised that all of the most important people in my life as bayonetta already know and understand my reasons and have expressed their love and understanding to me 😢

I dont know if i will return, i would hope i feel i can sometime in the future but for now i just want to say i love the game , i love the world of eorzea and i love the glimpse it gave me into living a life that i never thought i would ever get to experience ❤️😢

Final picture time......❤️

Commentaires (18)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Sorry to hear you are going, so real life is taking you away from the game?

I guess it happens. I have certainly had my share of RL stuff happening that has kept me from playing.

Well, I hope you find the time to return, the game will be there for you when you are ready to be there for it. ;-)

Bayonetta Lakill

Leviathan [Primal]

Thank you Annabel, i really would have loved to have met you in game ❤️ i think you would have been so interesting to actually talk to directly 🥹
I dont know if ill have access to the loadstone once my subscription runs out in a few days thats why i posted this now.
I hate leaving but for now its necessary 😢

Misaki Cole

Sophia [Materia]

Beyond sad to hear about this Bayo hon. But no matter what I will always support ur decisions to lead ur RL as best as u can. We will always be here if u should decide to return one day. All the best and I will miss u tremendously dear friend! :’( <3

Bayonetta Lakill

Leviathan [Primal]

Misaki i will miss you so much 😢 i had just finished writing to you just now on the app ❤️ but i want everyone who reads this to know that you are one of the most positive and beautiful people in ff14 , truly inspiring and such a great friend, i hope my other friends see this and get to know you too because you always made me a happier person whenever we spoke on discord or left comments on loadstone. We only just got to become friends in game too and im sorry i never got to properly meet up ❤️

Misaki Cole

Sophia [Materia]

I wrote back to u on the app too hon. T-T ur such a good and kind friend yourself - I am devastated to have to lose u for the time being. I shall try and be strong for ur sake, knowing that the challenges u face are at least 100x more difficult than my own. Always cheering u on. ❤️

Bayonetta Lakill

Leviathan [Primal]

Misaki thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😢😢

Dubh Tine

Lamia [Primal]

I think everyone that's ever met Bayo will miss her greatly. Meeting amazing and interesting people is probably the thing I enjoy the most in this game, and you're one of best people I've ever met. ❤️

I know that everyone you've touched will think about you, and as much as we love your company, we want your happiness first. We love you, we'll miss you, and you'll be coming back to a sea of open arms when you return. 🫂

Luv u bb :p ❤️

Amethysta Fabulosa

Coeurl [Crystal]

Bayonetta - I hesitated clicking the Like button, because there is nothing I like about this post. You know you are my Sister, and I send all the Moon's Blessings I can.

We understand you, love you, support you, and wish the very best for you. When you are ready, every line of communication to me is open.


Tyria Windstriker

Coeurl [Crystal]

My heart aches for you Bayonetta. I know why you must go, but I need you to realize that you made my Eorzea that much brighter and more vibrant.
I hope you can find the joy and peace you seek. And as selfish as it may be, I hope you can return to us one day.
I will look at that Gridania sunset, to the entrance to the Roost every day, and think of you. Goodbye for now, and shine bright like the gem that you are. We will always have a home for you here to come back to.

Pi Crust

Coeurl [Crystal]

Aww, B, I never got a chance to reply to your last message, so here's to hoping for the best outcome possible for you and your life. May the wind fill your sails, the sea beckon to your sense of adventure, and other cheesy nautical claptrap. The point being is that I hope you find true happiness. And I hope you come back and talk to & play with us when you're ready! All my best, Pi.

Bayonetta Lakill

Leviathan [Primal]

Thank you Dubh , Ame , Pi and Tyria for everything you have done for me . With all of you it goes beyond just being in a game together and i hope ive expressed everything i possibly could in our private messages about how important you all are to me and how you made me feel incredibly special every time we had an interaction from playing in game or talking on discord etc i truly felt i was always meant to meet you and become friends, you are amoungst the best friends i will ever have ❤️

Bayonetta Lakill

Leviathan [Primal]

And the subscription timer reached zero before i thought it would 🫤, the app is crashing now so even though it says usable until the 21st of October it wont actually load right now 😢😢

Ziselle Belphinus

Mandragora [Meteor]

I'm sad to hear that.
Hopefully you can return to Eorzea someday.

Kaby Kaby

Gungnir [Elemental]

Hi Bayo, I am sad to see you leave Eorzea.🥺
It's always been a pleasure for me to have you comment on my diary!Actually I always looked forward to your comments.
I am looking forward to your return to Eorzea one day.💜💜

Jaquelina Mitnu

Gilgamesh [Aether]

I know how that feels. I just came back from having to leave just after endwalker released.

Verity Calanthia

Zalera [Crystal]

I know that feeling of having to take a break and leave. Take care of yourself and come back soon.

Natsume Ritsuso

Lamia [Primal]

Hope you come back soon.

Celes Bradford

Typhon [Elemental]

FF14 is a theme park of Final Fantasy.

You go to a theme park to distract yourself from the day-to-day routines. Not to live on it.
When the rides get stale, the people get pushy or you just don't feel like it. You leave. This is not real life, nor a job (except for YouTube influencers). You can come and go to the theme park whenever you like and can afford it.
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