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Giving this a try after a long absence..

((Author's note: I will be making in Character blog entries here beginning this week leading up to the Eternal Bonding Ceremony of Omim Omi and myself. From there I will begin a storyline that will lead into the formation of our Free Company, Turquoise Road.))

Mining is difficult work, but I enjoy the soreness that I feel. Especially since Omim has moved into the place. Having a home cooked meal, and knowing that our Chocobos are being well taken care of is a feeling that I cannot quite describe. Our Ceremony is scheduled as well, and we have invited some friends as well as a few interesting strangers. Speaking of which, I met a strange Miqo'te man in a crimson coat who offered to teach me a strange sort of magic.

I may have to take him up on that, as I decided to begin journaling again for the first time in years, and as such, I feel I should have something interesting to talk about beyond just the impending festivities. As of right now, though, Omim is awaiting me in bed, and I should probably join her.
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