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Journal Entry #2: Call To Adventure

After leaving the shores of Eorzea behind, our merchant ship sailed across the beautiful but treacherous seas. The ship we were on was filled with Ala Mhigan refugees. Families of my father’s unit. Looking back to it now, it seems my father has known about the impending Garlean invasion ahead of time and planned an escape route with his men.

There was unmistakable sadness in our hearts but hope in our eyes. Nobody ever recovered from leaving Ala Mhigo, even in the following years. Still, everybody treated the escape as one final gift from their loved ones who decided to stay and fight.

After what felt like forever, we finally arrived at our destination: Thavnair.

The land and its city, Radz-at-Han, was as strange as it was colorful. We unloaded our belongings and were escorted through the city by the merchant ship’s crew. We got on a caravan of Chocobos and traveled westward by land.

It was a surreal experience. The land was hot and arid, but a cool breeze would often pass by to invigorate you. Thick, green trees grew in the middle of desserts, and strange creatures would roam around the large open fields. It was a sight to behold.
We finally arrived at our destination, a large plantation owned by a local lord. I know not how my father could make this possible, but even back then, I knew we were luckier than most Ala Mhigan refugees. For the next 20 years, I called that place my home.

I worked in the fields during the day. I was reaping crops and picking fruits from our lord’s orchards. In the afternoon, my grandfather would take the time to train me in martial combat. We would spar with our fists and spears. At night, we would gather by the campfire and hear stories about old Ala Mhigo, the martial exploits of my father, and the many fights my mother would find herself into.

One of the refugees taught us reading and writing. This eventually led me to value writing in a journal, which I still do to this day. Days passed by quickly. Our small band of refugees has become its own little community. In time, Ala Mhigo simply became a part of their memory. Even the children I grew up with no longer had the desire to go back.

I cannot blame them, though. Life here was simple and bountiful. There were no wars or violence. There was no sense of dread or fear. You simply have to work hard, and you’ll get to eat. Our lord was incredibly generous as well.

However, despite the many benefits of staying, I still feel compelled to travel back to Eorzea. My grandfather would jokingly tell me that I have my father’s wandering spirit and my mother’s impatience, but he understood.

On my grandfather’s deathbed, he gave me his blessing to travel back to Eorzea. To my surprise, he told me that he had been saving gils for all those years to help me with my journey. When we finally laid him to rest, I left the village and headed straight to the city docks to board a ship back to Eorzea.

I arrived on the shores of Ul'dah with nothing but the clothes on my back and a practice spear. It seems the Calamity has indeed hit Eorzea hard. There were countless refugees outside the city walls, and it was clear the city was struggling to rebuild itself.

In the local tavern, I found out that nobody knew what went on beyond Baelsar’s Wall, a grand imperial structure that separated Gyr Abania from the rest of Eorzea. All they knew was that Ala Mhigo had become an imperial province for the past two decades.

This news broke my heart. Over the years, I tried to temper any hopes of seeing my parents again but hearing their stories about my homeland made me sad and angry.

Was my parent’s sacrifice even worth it?

Then I heard of countless Ala Mhigan refugees living around Thanalan and across Eorzea. Knowing that some of my countrymen escaped the empire was, in some strange way, reassuring. Maybe my parents were able to make a difference.
Now that Baelsar’s Wall has thrown away my hopes of crossing into Gyr Abania, I still decided to stay in Eorzea. The gils I had then were not enough to sustain me for long. One of the people I met in Ul’dah suggested I become an adventurer. I was told that it was a very lucrative line of work, and I believed that I might be up for the challenge.

I decided to start my adventuring days somewhere close to Gyr Abania. I hired a caravan north into the city-state of Gridania. Along with me were a strangely quiet Elezen couple and a merchant named Bremondt.

During our journey, the friendly merchant asked me why I wanted to become an adventure. At first, I wanted to say power was my primary motivation—the power to strike the empire and free my homeland. I could’ve answered glory and money as well, but I wasn’t sure of what I wanted in the end. My silence spoke louder, and Bremondt noticed.

After a strange encounter with Moogles and safely avoiding a skirmish with the local beastmen, I finally arrived at the gates of Gridania. I parted ways with the friendly merchant and headed into the city.

I remember one of the city guards stopping me and asking me about my intentions. When I explained my plans to become an adventurer, he pointed me towards a local tavern called the Carline Canopy and sought Mother Miounne’s help.

I bid the city guard thanks and walked towards Carline Canopy. I stopped for a moment in front of the establishment and thought about everything I had been through so far. Traveling to Eorzea by sea and reaching Gridania was already an incredible journey.

I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and walked towards Carline Canopy’s entrance. I had a faint feeling that it was just the first of many adventures to come. Little did I know then just how far my journey would eventually take me.

I went inside the tavern and answered the call to adventure.


Player’s Note #1

It’s been almost four years since I last played FFXIV. Unfortunately, life, money, and responsibilities prevented me from coming back. Now that life became a little stable, I finally started playing the game.

Despite the many changes and expansions, it still feels like the game and community I fell in love with. I am glad to be back.

You might be wondering what I have written above. You see, I am a corporate writer and digital marketer. I write serious stuff for a living. While I do enjoy my job, it’s also a place where creativity goes to die.

I wanted a way to preserve what little creative writing I have and decided to write some sort of journal about my FFXIV character’s life as the warrior of light. I remembered that Lodestone had a blogging section, so I decided to post it there.

I don’t have any solid plan or formal structure for these journals, but I’ll definitely try to post some more regularly. It’s a fun way to unleash a bit of creativity and a great way to complement my enjoyment of the game.

So, what do you think?


Feel free to interact with me on Twitter: @CoffeePlayerOne

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