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Gladiator Tank in Stone Vigil

Had to WHM to the fullest.

Ended up with a Gladiator tank who hadn’t gotten his soul Stone for Paladin quest done yet

Had to use all my abilities to the fullest.

Took a while to figure out why the sprout hadn’t gotten it yet. He was focusing on msq. Also new to tanking I think as well. A spinning dragon is not conducive to healing.

In the end we beat the dungeon. Feeling accomplished right now, since we had several wipes on the last boss.

Back to leveling now after a brief bout of bronchitis. Still need to get faster with my new mouse set up though. MMO mouse and thinking of switching the Alt Ctr and shift binds: button 3 rocker and mouse button 4. Have it so I can do all abilities and target all 8 party members from mouse. Need muscle memory.
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