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To the one i have lost.

I recently found out a friend of mine i met on this game years ago has passed. i hadnt talked to him in years. I dont even remember his in game name. But what i do remember is us doing binding coil together and hanging out a lot. i even, at the time, had a thing for him. In the end, he is not here anymore and i just wanted to make this blog post to remember my friend, my bard friend, who would hang out with me whenever and made me smile. i miss you man. may you rest in peace and forever walk in the light of the crystal.
As your last wish, I will always remember you.
Commentaires (8)

Leon Lion

Unicorn [Meteor]

My condolences, he is back to the aetherial sea, mayhap you and your friend will meet one day, if not this life, perhaps next, and it will be joyful reunion.

Travanchette Augurelt

Zalera [Crystal]

This is very sweet. I'm really sorry for your loss.

Aranyani Greystone

Excalibur [Primal]

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Roronu Ronu

Masamune [Mana]

Rest in peace

Majis Tek

Cactuar [Aether]

Rest in peace.

V'anilj Chai

Zalera [Crystal]

I'm so sorry.

Odette Bwni

Lich [Light]

Sending you and your dear friend all love and prayers,

Bree Asryles

Ultros [Primal]

I'm so sorry for your loss.. As long as you keep him in your memories and in your heart he is never truly gone. He touched your life and that alone is enough. May he forever walk in the light of the crystal
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