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Hi! I'm from Gaia DC.

Hello, all player in Primal DC!
I'm Peach Pine, PP. I'm from Gaia DC.
This is a Second character.
I'm playing FF14 again with him.

You may be wondering, why I created the character in Primal, not in Gaia.
Yes, me too! XD
It's just... I thought it would be fun to play with a different DC than the main one.
That's why I chose Primal, and I happened to be Famfrit.

It's been about One week since I started playing here.

A lot of fun! Soooooo fun! Really interesting! XD
Different DC's have very different customs!

I didn't expect to be able to talk to other players on the field.
Because in Gaia, we don't use "Say" very often.
We are not spoken to by anyone other than our Friends.
This was a very new experience for me.

As you may have noticed by reading this far, I am not good at English.
Yes. I'm Japanese, and I only studied it when I was a student.
Honestly, I don't speak English at all.
But with the help of a translation site and a dictionary,
I am able to read and write a little.
Furthermore, I'm enjoying FF14 in Primal DC!

It has become a convenient world. I'm very glad.

Now I'm playing ARR.
Yesterday, I finally got my chocobo! Yeah!!!
I live in Japan, so my playing time may be different from everyone else.
But if we get together on ID, please be nice to me! :)
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