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Weddings, Gavin and Diying with Style.

Hiya, dears!

I can not believe it! There is a church ... or temple ... Well, the Sanctuary of the Twelve!
I got there hunting creatures to rank up in the Order of the Twin Adder, and I was blown away!
Is beautiful! But I almost fainted when I met the wedding planners [!!!!!!]. I mean, people can get married there! Really! And not only that, there are guests and you have to dress fancy and I want to wear a dressssss!!
I think I'll camp right there and look sad for someone to invite me.
Taaaaa ta ta taaaaaa!
Ah! Here is one of the best views of Eorzea, since I was there, I inaugurated my Sighseeing Log! :)

I have been very busy half dying in the dungeons of Eorzea, it has become a hobby and I am getting better and better. I already fall to the ground with much better style than at the beginning and it is not something that is easy to practice ... Many try, but, you knoworth xD

And the moment of the PEOPLE OF GRIDANIA arrived!
Today I want to introduce you to someone that many of you have talked to at some time, it is Gavin! Yes, Gavin, the man by the ladder of the Order of the Twin Adder.
He's a very witty guy. Not at first, if you ask him, he will come up with what is this of the Order, what it is for and such things, but when you go on behalf of the People of Gridania he becomes a continuous laugh. Did you know that he is actually supposed to stay one step to the left? Well, he realized that it was better if he was in the place he now occupies and has been there for years and years. And you didn't know! How many secrets like this are hidden in Gridania?
In the photo you can see him just before revealing the starch he uses to maintain the contour of his uniform.

Well, I'm going now to hunt creatures or some wedding invitation :P

Kisses, Venkers!
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