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I have arrived in Gridania. At least... That is what I was told on the cart, so I guess that it's true. Either way it smells wonderful! Flowers, trees, various foods! I cannot wait to begin my journey here!

Last night I was walking about the city and I had heard a wonderful tune. I made my way over towards the sound and was assisted by a kind stranger up this ramp so that I could sit and enjoy the music. After the small concert had concluded I asked one of the locals for help to an inn or somewhere that I could stay for the time being.

Tomorrow begins my adventures here in Gridania and the Black Shroud, I'm really nervous, but I was told that the Conjurer's Guild had some of the most kind hearted people, especially Brother E-Sumi-Yan. Until I return to my quarters to record my next entry, I will be out and about to explore the city and try to get my bearings.
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