Gil Lancealot

Cerberus (Chaos)

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The beckon of the dark abyss

The sun rose on the Thanalan desert, quickly heating up the cool sands of the night. A message had been left with the local delivery moogle in hopes of reaching Hirka - and apparently the letter had found its recipient, for there stood the lalafell in the middle of the taverna, searching the crowd for the promise of a familiar face.

It felt amazing to be united once more. All of a sudden, Gil realized how lonely his journey had been up to this point as the heavy feeling was lifted from his heart, in its place only the joy of good company. It seemed Hirka felt likewise, as the two immediately got to talking about highs and lows, hugging and laughing like if they never had been apart.

Hirka could explain that she had come to Ul'Dah by chocobo carriage, and had since taken up the school of thaumaturgy with guidance of the thaumaturges' guild master. Gil had, in his travels, found that sometimes the best way to avoid damage, would be to stop the assailant, and that sometimes not being able to do so quickly enough would mean witnessing the death of the guard you're trying to help protect the local encampment... This destructive path of black magic could therefore be a useful tool in the skillset of a capable adventurer to get their friends safely where they're going.

Ideology safely rationalized, Gil agreed to join Hirka to meet the thaumaturge guild master, and before long a new path was started with the dunesfolk couple starting running errands for the guild and going through trials to merit their lapelles.
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