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Random Evil Musing - 4/13/21

My efforts at learning Thaumaturgy and Black Magic have yielded promising results, and my reach for power among Eorzea has grown to new heights. A few highlights from my recent endeavors:

- Assignment of Allies (Immortal Flames): Although the Free Company I affiliate with is part of the Order of the Twin Adder, my "allegiance" in Eorzea has been with the Immortal Flames during this time; the Immortal Flames now trust me to the point of having committed me as an Officer among their ranks, and have actually put soldiers under my command. While I am still getting used to how this will work while I am already administrating a Free Company, the fact that the Grand Company is trusting in me well enough to assign me forces shows my efforts here have begun to be rewarded. I believe for now I will treat these newly-assigned forces as fellow Adventurers for now, rather than attempt to incorporate them into the efforts of the Death God; I wish to know where their true alignment is, before I begin the teachings of Gulgotha to them.

- From Arcane to Astral to Primal (Summoner): My studies into the various magical pursuits of Eorzea have begun to lead me down the path of an Arcanist...interestingly enough, there was once a devastating madman back in Anestoril who went by that monicker; he believed magic was essentially something that was being misused, and in his insanity sought to wring magic out of everyone's hands, be it through their deaths, or through their submission. However, here among Eorzea, an Arcanist is much more respected; their magics seem to take a page out of virtually every magical discipline I am aware of back in my homeland, and even then it begins to delve into new territory. While I have begun practicing and mastering the Arcane, I have also dabbled into what the locals refer to as "Summoning Magic." Summoning Magic seems to be very similar to Conjuration back in Anestoril, but here in Eorzea, Conjuration is something a Healer would partake in, not an Arcanist. Regardless, I have followed my instructor's teachings thus far, and in my encounters with the "primals" of this world, I have managed to unlock the intricacies needed to summon forth an "Egi" or manifestation of each of these primals. Ifrit, Titan, Garuda...all three of these Egis are now at my command.

- An Optical Illusion? (Glamours): Never did I really find Illusion magics to be very helpful beyond just some visual trickery and manipulation, but here in Eorzea, they have managed to manipulate Illusion magics into a local term known as "glamour" which is used to project the appearance of equipment and attire into an appearance of your own choosing; this is quite fascinating to me, as I had long submitted myself to the fact that certain materials and colors would be out of my reach, given how region-specific some colors and styles can be. Now, should I wish to appear differently, either for a disguise or for more of a personal fashion preference, I can use "glamour prisms" as they call them to reflect the appearance of something I have in my possession, and project it onto my being whenever, wherever I wish. I must find out the intricacies of this so that I can bring this back would be a game-changer in fitting mass-produced outfits to aesthetic standards.

It's been a busy few days, and my research and efforts continue...perhaps soon I will find a way to expand further beyond the pale, and do more with this Free Company, and now with these soldiers under my command...
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