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It's been a rough start to 2021

Been awhile since I posted. 2021 kicked me in the face and I've been preoccupied with personal crap, so I've been playing but also thinking a lot about the future. Which meant I forgot about this outlet/journal which has been a good place for me to remember the good moments of my travels in The World.

So... I Finished? ARR... very cool story. And I learned how to FLY!! Flying is so welcome at this point; so many places to go and so many quests. Most of these quests seem to be ARR end game stuff, like harder versions of the dungeons and some new places which seem geared toward real parties instead of pugs. The new Dungeons look like fun, because they look hard and complicated; the downside being I need a party of like-minded, like-leveled pcs to get through them.

And then there is the Gentlemen quest... Goofy-comedy-anime was fun at first but it just keeps going and going... But I did find the BLUe mage! So not all bad.

I'd really like to move into the next expac with my PAL, but I don't know any of the fights so I've decided to go with WHM. So I'm currently leveling it but I burned all the MSQs and sides with the PAL, so the pickens' are slim. The instaQ is a real lifesaver though. Went from 30 to 40 very quickly and will rely on duty's for most of my levels to 50. Then I'll feel more comfortable in the harder content.

Anyroad, back to the grind :P

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