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Boombooms in the well

So, here we are. I finally catched up with Celestine, clearing Malikah’s Well and reaching the Main Scenario Quest More than a Hunch. I’ll soon be hitting Vauthry’s arse, and I shall do it together with her once again, and we shall see the end of Shadowbringers together if fate wants so. That’d be nice.

I’m quite undecided on how to exactly proceed with my Jobs, but as of now I came to the solution that I’d be keeping BLM as the highest Job available to do the MSQ with, and RDM right after it, with only 1 level difference so I can keep up with the progression even if I hit LV80 sooner than the MSQ with BLM. Should also RDM hit LV80 before that time, though, eeehh.. I guess I’ll make some calcultions. I’d probably bring DRG up for that, but it needs a shitload of more levels.
The best solution would be having WHM with a level less than RDM, since Cele asked me to help her bringing up RDM a bit via Dungeons, not to mention the other Jobs (BLM will be her next if I read correctly), although I don’t like the idea of bumping MSQ EXP into a healer, but hey, I guess I can live with it. It wouldn’t be too much of a waste anyway and the sooner I get rid of this shitty Job, the better.

I also helped out Artoria with both Ala Mhigo and the Royal Menagerie (although I had to babysit on both the Duties, especially the latter in which half the Party died at the very first mechanic (Tidal Wave), leading to a wipe because the dead were healers and tanks and I got twoshot by autoattacks (I was RDMing, I was the only DPS that could resurrect the healers) and the rest of the fight went on with a shitload of casulaties and I had to Verraise 12 times (and I even only got 1 commendation for all the work! Ungrateful bunch)), but at least I’m happy I helped him out completing Stormblood! I hope he’ll enjoy its post- and will soon hit Shadowbringers too!

Back to business, though! I have several news for what it concerns what I unlocked and how far I went with my Jobs, so let’s get at it!
• Facets unlocked! Time to see how they work!
• BLM LV78 (almost 79), RDM LV77 (almost 78) and WHM LV76. The other Jobs advanced a bit as well, but these are the most developed ones for now;
• Pixie and Qitari Beast Tribes unlocked! I honestly thought and remembered one had to finish 5.0 in order to unlock them, but today I self-proved me wrong! Pixies are available immediately after the Il Mheg MSQ serie, while the Qitari even become available after just clearing the Qitana Ravel. The more you know... I wonder if I can unlock Dwarves too before unlocking the Tempest? We’ll see. Nonetheless, it’s time to farm them big daily EXP again!
• The caster’s Role Quests are going on, and I just reached and started Taynor’s Training Day. I’ll soon be exploding you too, Nyelbert... Black Mage against Black Mage. May the biggest boom win I guess.

That should be it I think. I’ll screenshot and let you know about my progress in the next days!
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