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A Child Lost (RP-IC) Entry One (WIP)

Orphaned and left to fend for herself in a tragic world, Naida sought any work available to earn coin for survival. During a skirmish, young Hrothgar Naida was captured by Garleans and taken into their empire to labor. Her unique, catlike appearance granted her a place in a somewhat friendly household, though more as a pet than a person of service.

The household's child, Charna, renamed Naida, explaining it meant "found." To complement Naida's cultural naming, Charna took the title of Naida's queen, and Naida was given the surname Charnasch after her own name.

Despite her humble circumstances—clothed in rags, subsisting on scraps, and sleeping on the floor—Naida was allowed to pursue magitek apprenticeship alongside of Charna.

Charna and Naida became inseparable friends, akin to sisters. Though forbidden from reading or writing, they studied blueprints and worked on various projects together. After the fall of the Garlean Empire, Charna freed Naida from servitude, yet Naida hesitated to leave her friend. Tragically, Charna succumbed to illness, compelling Naida to wander the world alone.

Briefly accompanying others seeking their homelands, Naida found herself in lands of the Xaela. There, she learned survival skills and combat from a man. Her prior experience with heavy materials gave her strength, but she lacked formal weapon training, eventually settling on the axe for its straightforward nature. Yet, she discovered a talent for crafting her own mechanized weaponry.

Establishing herself with her former mentor and newly mated in the Mist, Naida opened a workshop specializing in building and repairing machina. Despite the sadness in her eyes, she radiates inner light and joy, harboring no judgment for others' paths but assessing them by their actions. She views her former master not just as an owner but also as a dear friend. Naida cherishes the memory of Charna, who cared for her like a loving sister, showing kindness in a harsh world.

Naida is reserved yet can burst into happiness when engaged. She possesses a gentle soul and fiery spirit, fiercely protective of those close to her. Patient in conversation, she prefers listening over speaking, often offering quiet approval.
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