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"Welcome to Gridania"

After a long and sore journey I finally had my sights on the bowers of the Black Shroud. Soon I would arrive in the city that beckoned to me ever since awoke. Our carriage was unfortunately ambushed by feathered monstrosities called 'Ixal'. We survived undamaged thanks to the timely intervention by archers and lancers. I myself am only a mere conjurer, barely able to cure a paper-cut. I hope that by pledging myself to the Conjurer's Guild in Gridania, I will be able to improve my spellwork.

I received a mixed welcome upon my arrival in the fair woodland city. An Elezen called Mother Miounne was a gracious, warm, welcoming host. This contrasted strongly with the local law enforcement, the Wood Wailers. Accusing and sour would be better descriptors in their case. Having finally arrived at my destination, I'll settle in for the night; dreaming of a future unwritten.
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