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Chapter 5: Raven had a wedding! (FC, not me)

Hello readers!

Today there was a wedding for Raven! Not me, no one wants to marry this scrub bruh, but the FC STORM RAVENS <<RAVEN>> between their leader, Glory Kunkun, and Brazakia Catsaphin! This was a blue af wedding, let me tell ya, super cool (was a storm blue color scheme, but it also looked like an ice theme, i can pun!) and these dudes are great. i was in their fc a short time before taking on making one myself, but really, great people, great times, great fun hanging with them. and do you see how many showed up!? of course my fc was there to enjoy, but they got numbers! was great to see. cant wait to have my own some day! (lolnupe) have any of you guys been to a wedding before? what was it like?

also, sorry for the pics being pretty sloppy, i dont know how to do the gpose thing but i tried >.>
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Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

The wedding events are pretty fun to attend. Spam all the spells and abilities in the intermission.
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