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The Alpha and Omega


This series is about the goodest boys ever. Ever, EVER.

Within the first 2 seconds of meeting Alpha, I'm in love. All I wanna do is hug him and take him to all my adventures so he can do his explore-spelunking. If anything should happen to Alpha, I swear, I will say feck all the the rest of Eorzea and kamikaze myself in a blaze of infuriated glory. Cid also was abundant here and his banter with Nero was just as fiesty and affable as I imagined it'd be. And having my bestest dragon boys visit my WoL was also a treat that had me sniffling cuz I gots the sentimental feels.

All the bosses were well designed. It was brought to my attention they were from older FF bosses which I appreciate even if I don't pick up on all those Easter eggs. I love it when developers add those into the game and this series had plenty of them. Just shows an appreciation towards the audience who supports them and their franchise.

The story started off like typical crazy AI trying to destroy the world but it wound up turning into a journey of one who was trying to succeed in conquering the most powerful, to this journey of one questioning ... What makes us strong. What makes us endure. What qualifies us to have a soul and what does having a soul even mean. My favourite part had the one with this simple quiet song in background as Alpha pushed himself running across the galaxy it seemed. Something about it had me in tears.

You thought it was the WoL's story, or Omega's, or Cid's, or Nero's, then Alpha's. But in the end, the journey was everyone's story. I loved the things I picked up from it, in that compassion isn't something that has to be given upon meeting these black or white conditions. A little golden birdie good boy had a heart big enough to provide compassion to everybody and still leave some for oneself. The fighting spirit in us cannot be quantified or formulated in any logical format. I just wished that when we rise up to something that it's with a clear acceptance and understanding of the truth and not after being swayed by some nefarious agenda.

It was a sweet story for me in the end, and one I'm grateful for pursuing, cuz now I got my own Alpha following me around. I love it.
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