Akaelda Matibereo

Jenova [Aether]

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The measure of a person

The 6th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon in the Seventh Astral Era,

Today begins the first day of the record of my journey in Eorzea. While my story begins long before, I only recently decided to document my adventures. While I never felt my tales were worthy of song, perhaps there is some academic value to be had; a window into my thoughts and motivations as I travel.

I am still riding high on the thrill of battle. I can feel the aether coursing through my body to my very finger tips! You see, I frequent the battlefields of the Frontlines. While professionally I am a cartographer, I often partner with the Immortal Flames to provide technical assistance to their battlefield commanders. This, however, does not exclude me from the fight.

The measure of a person is found and won in the Frontlines. And it is glorious!
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