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end walker フルトレイラーやっつけ翻訳




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heart of ember, out of time.

cooling swiftly, bleeding light

shouldering softly, biding time

marching forward and left behind

the final hour, shadows clash

forgotten footfalls engraved in ash.

fly way, and be repaid

fore our echoes begin to fade

fade away
fade away

heart of ember, out of time

burning brightly, all in white

key to exist and clear our wear

sorrow's silence, with aching prayer

Dys an sohm in
Rohs an kyn ala na
Dys an sohm in
Mah morn narr

Storm of blood

Born from blood

Of our fallen brothers

time stands still,

oaths fulfilled

now we go for freedom

born in blood(change ahead)

stained in red(until tomorrow)

bound from blood(slowly forge ahead)

blood runs ruin(until tomorrow)

calmly speak(ever forge ahead)

hand in hand(until tomorrow)

souls alight(now we forge ahead)

forge ahead(now we forge ahead)

forge ahead(until we forge ahead)

born in blood

our song of hope, she dances on the wind

higher, oh higher

ere our foes endure

everything forever strong

standing tall, though dark filled we carry on

our wings of hope you rise up through the night


higher, oh higher

carrying our song

made of hearts in our hears

that its chorus might ring for all

one brings shadow, one brings light

two toned echoes tumbling though time

tumbling down, tumbling aaaaaaa

there's stand we take

echoes in the wake

what demads our fate

forge ahead

should we lose our way

tire of all of this pain

we won't be afraid

forge ahead

though the storm of light

by the tide of tonight

there is naght to ----??

forge ahead

as we rise to fly

some will be never arise

were we not turning right

were in all begins

forge in hand

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