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Advices on Resistance Weapons

I probably have spoken my mind off of pretty much all the stages, here and there around my Blog, but I'll just use this one as a summary and an index for anyone starting their roads towards their ones and would like advices on how to proceed and/or maximize their efforts:gains ratio and minimize time wastes.

There's one specific advice to give to players that, like me, are planning to get more than a single Relic. If you just want your main Job's, skip this section.
Always have all of the available Quests active at once
If you want to get more than a single Relic, remember that you'll have to repeat the same steps over and over. Either plan your farming (get all the required items at once before advancing at all. Let's say you plan to get PLD's, WAR's and SAM's: you'll need to do all the quests thrice, which means you'll have to multiply the required items by 3, meaning 60 memories of each type from the first Quest, 18 memories from lv60 Dungeons, 45 from CLL and so on; you'll get all of them before advancing your weapons) or have a Relic active on each of the steps at all times (so, for example, let's say you want to get DRK's, RDM's, WHM's and MCH's Relics. You get the memories from FATEs and decide to advance RDM's, then you accept the next step's Quest. At the same time, you should accept the Quest you just finished with another of those, let's say DRK's. When you'll eventually finish RDM's Quest, you'll advance it to the next Quest, but you'll also have to finish DRK's, meaning it'll get to the Quest you just finished for RDM's, and, at that point, you'll have to accept the first Quest with yet another Job, let's say WHM. This goes on every time you finish a step with a specific Job).
Why this? Simply because you can obtain those items only if their specific Quest is active. If you do HW FATEs without For Want of a Memory active, you won't get any memories. The same goes for all the other Quests and activities.
Both methods are valid and are subjective, but there are two specific steps in which the latter is preferred for at least the first of the Relics (read below).

Resistance Is (Not) Futile
This Quest is really just the way in: you'll need 4 Thavnairian Scalepowders, purchaseable from the various Rowena's vendors in ARR and HW's main cities for 250 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics each (which means 1000 Poetics per Relic).
Just farm them as usual: doing roulettes daily (especially Main Scenario) grants you a big load of them. Or, you can always do non-ShB Dungeons, Trials, Raids and Beast Tribes' Quests. Literally anything throws Poetics at you by now.

For Want of a Memory
Possibly the most tedious of the steps. You'll need 3 different items, 20 pieces each (60 in total), each obtainable from different HW’s areas' FATEs or Bozjan Southern Front's areas:
Tortured Memory of the Dying: Coerthas Western Highlands, Sea of Clouds and first Bozjan Souther Front area;
Sorrowful Memory of the Dying: Dravanian Forelands, Churning Mists and second Bozjan Southern Front’s area;
Harrowing Memory of the Dying: Dravanian Hinterlands, Azys Lla and third Bozjan Southern Front area.
This is one of the two steps in which I warmly suggest you to immediately turn-in with your "main Relic" instead of farming all the required items at once: since the next step requires Castrum Lacus Litore, you'll spend some time in the Front while waiting for it to pop, and that time can be spent gathering these memories.
It's not specified in-game, but those memories have different drop rates according to the activity:
100% chance from HW's FATEs;
100% chance from Critical Engagements;
50% chance from Skirmishes;
5?% chance from Grade 3 and higher enemies.
I unfortunately am not fully sure of the enemies’ percentages, nor if higher grade ones have higher drop rate.
In general, FATEs done as/with a pro BLU are the fastest solution, unless you have a solid and long-lasting Cluster farming group: in that case, you're best farming them and getting the memories as byproducts. More or less the same time, but the Clusters will be superhelpful toward your experience in Bozja.

The Will to Resist
The easiest step: 6 Bitter Memories of the Dying per Relic required obtained from leveling roulette or level 60 Dungeons. Just do your daily roulette and/or spam Antitower and be done with this step in an hour or so. Setting a PF with 1 tank and 3 DPS (or 4 BLUs) for multiple runs is the best way to farm this.

Change of Arms
15 Loathsome Memories of the Dying per Relic required. You get 1 from ARR's ARs and 5 from CLL. Do CLL if you care about your time.
You will always want this and For Want of a Memory active at the same time to be able to get the former memories while waiting for CLL to pop. Optimize your time, don't be lazy.
Once you're done gathering Loathsome Memories, stop Cluster-farming and definitely go for FATEs unless you really want those Clusters.

 The Resistance Remembers
One-time Quest: do it once, forget it forever
18 Haunting Memories of the Dying and Vexatious Memory of the Dying required, each respectively obtained from HW's ARs or Gyr Abania's FATEs and from SB's ARs or Othard's FATEs. FATEs have 50% drop rate, ARs grant them.
I recommend queueing up for Void Ark and do Othard's FATEs while waiting for it to pop. Once you gathered all the Vexatious Memories, just do Gyr Abania's FATEs.

A New Path of Resistance
15 Timeworn Artifacts per Relic required, gained from Delubrum Reginae (3 per run) or from Palace of the Dead, with drop rates increasing with the floors, having 100% drop rate on floor 150+, but only every 10 floors cleared.
There is abolutely no point in doing PotD anymore since they nerfed this step, so don't even bother trying. Totally and absolutely go for DR in Party Finder only: people often create groups for speedruns (you're obviously supposed to bring offensive Essences and Lost Actions), the which may even last around 13 minutes at best and 18 at worst. I want to point out that never in my life I had a DR run in Duty Finder lasting less than ~25 minutes, with an average of 40. You're warned.
Absolutely join this Discord server if you want to be updated and have an eye out for all the farming possibilities, optimizing times between each run as well.
This is the second step I recommend to turn-in as soon as possible because DR also drops 2 Raw Emotions per run, but you'll obviously need the quest active before being able to.

 What Dreams Are Made Of
One-time Quest: do it once, forget it forever
The three branching Quests are the most obnoxious of the steps. You'll need 6 different items, 30 pieces each (yes, 180 total items). The three Quests represent HW, SB, ShB and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Zadnor's areas respectively. One of the two items of each Quest will require either the first 2 Raids per tier of the associated expansion (A1, E6, O10 etc.) or Skirmishes of that respective area of Zadnor (HW is 1st, SB is 2nd and ShB is 3rd). The other item requires either the last 2 Raids per tier of the associated expansion (E11, O3, A7 etc.) or Critical Engagements of that respective area of Zadnor.
My personal advice is to simply get a tent and live in Zadnor for a couple days: do Zadnor's Skirmishes and Critical Engagements. When the items dropped from Skirmishes are over, go do, respectively, A4, O3 and E3 for the remaining books.

15 Raw Emotions per Relic required. Level 70 Dungeons drop 1, DR drops 2 and Dalriada drops 3.
At first, totally just farm DR for both the Artifacts and Emotions. Once you're done with Artifacts, choice's yours: if you want to power-up your Save the Queen's content for some reason (planning to clear DR Savage perhaps?), you can consider Dalriada, but be aware it'll be quite slower than just spamming level 70 Dungeons. Of course, you don't get Mettle and good items from those, though. Choice's yours.
Should you choose to run Dungeons, I suggest to open a PF for multiple runs (4 BLUs can easily burn everything down in seconds) and do Fractal Continuum (Hard). DF is the last resort, but, you know, if no one joins your PF...

And there you have it! I hope the few players reading this "guide" found it helpful!
Good farming!
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