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Exarchic work in progress

Well I’ll be, I must say there are.. way less players on EU servers than NA’s. I’ve queued for Frontline roulette for more than an hour in total (I tried queueing in three different hours in order to tap peak hours) with no luck, while I instead got a 4-minutes-only queue with Mitran... Disappointing as shit to say the least.
The other roulettes, too, felt way slower than NA’s. I’m missing Primal’s queue times already.
What I’m not missing of it at all, though, is the inevitable delay. I simply can’t stand playing on Mitran.

Back on progresses for the day:
BRD LV79 and SCH/SMN LV79!
• All currently available Resistance Weapons bought (namely WAR’s, PLD’s, DRK’s, GNB’s, WHM’s, AST’s, MNK’s, DRG’s, SAM’s, NIN’s, DNC’s and RDM’s). Upgrading them will be... Tragic, to say the least, though. So many fucking FATEs... 😩
• Exarchic gearset of Maiming completion: 5/11?12? I don’t know if I should replace my fully melded Dreizack Recollection with a HQ Exarchic Spear, since my first objective would be doing Castrum Marinum (Extreme) in order to get the Emerald Partisan (and, hopefully, other weapons as well), but I think I won’t, since I don’t want to overmeld a weapon I’m not gonna use so often and 10 ilvl difference is still bearable.

I’ll keep crafting tomorrow, hopefully completing the whole Maiming set and tackling Emerald EX.
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