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Week 3 of 2021 - Are you a Completionist?

In week 3 of the current calendar year, I find myself in a slightly better situation than the previous week. Less work stress and a new goal in FF14 - which brings us to this week's topic: Completionists.

By the definition in my brain, a "Completionist" is similar to that of a "Perfectionist", except it is more particular to the gaming industry. Other titles often used are "Trophy Hunters" or "Achievement Hunters".

I am one such person who craves the status of 100% complete and I define the completion of a game not just by the completion of the main story, but by the acquisition of every achievement / trophy that is recognized and attainable. While I understand wholeheartedly that I am not unique in this mentality or activity, I still feel a significant amount of pride and accomplishment when I finally complete a game to 100% - which brings us to my goal regarding FF14.

I aim to do everything possible within this game and acquire EVERY possible achievement.

- Yes, I understand that only a few grant me any reward other than an achievement token.
- Yes, I know that a vast amount of time, cooperation, and coordination is necessary to do this.
- Yes, it is daunting and I will be the first to admit that I don't know if, or when, I will accomplish this. But who doesn't like a challenge every now and again~.

While not everyone may share my view, to me, achievements are just another way to enjoy the game. I look forward to the hours and hours of grinding and questing, gathering and crafting, special weapon crafting and Gold Saucer betting.

So, are you a "Completionist" like me?

Have fun out there!
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I think the key to this is 'attainable', for there are some titles and achievements which will never be able to be achieved by newer players for the simple reason they were event locked.

But if you accept that and just look forward, then prepared to spend a LOT of time try to achieve it.

Some things take many hundreds of hours to get and serious, serious grinding.
And some require REALLY hard synced runs that people simply don't do anymore like for the blue mage mount.

Furry Snaggletooth

Sargatanas (Aether)

@Annable Ashcroft -> I agree. There are a good number that are most likely unattainable, but that is to be expected. As for the rest, I am prepared to spend the time to get them. MMOs are all about the grind and time investment. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some helpful souls to do some of them. Otherwise, I guess they will fall into the "unattainable" category. As it is said in such cases, しょうがない.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yes, you never know when a group will want to go and try to achieve something older, so keep a lookout for stuff like that

One thing to also lookout for, when something new does come out. be SURE to get in on it immediately and go all out. THIS is when all the really good players are trying to do it and are going for the most difficult stuff associated with it, like mounts and really hard achievements. With that kind of support, it is much easier to achieve goals like that than waiting later

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