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ffxiv dairy day 2

ok so heres what happened, i gave away my 5 mill gill to a bunch of players,

i did a hide and seek type of shit and also to what ever player can come close enough to me, while flying to press trade wins, it was scary while flying seeing a horde of players after my ass, im like OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT,
*intense music plays*, it was pretty good heck even acidenttaly found 2 players erping in teh fucking sagoili desert like in the middle of butt fuck nowhere, im like wtf, meh told them they are worthy, and left, and then i was in the coe western high lands, i was at the dusk vigil entrance, i told them my coordinates and bam a horde came in and attacked, i gave the remaning gill to a guy named smol since he found me first, and then i realised oh shit maybe i should have gave the gil to a friend of mine named bella, then i had a nap later and had a dream where i was wondering the western highlands, and had the 1 mill gill with me and im like "aw shit man" i should have gave it to her, it was foggy and windy, i woke up in a panic, it was dark outside, i did not realize i had a long nap, i got back to ffxiv and went around clubs telling them they are worthy in life, my usual shit which i quite enjoy. i then went to a clif in the western high lands where i did some reflecting with my dragoon as he stood like a badass, how i felt, calm, but also entranced by my thoughts and chose to listen to a auido book about mark manson, called the subtle art of not giving a fuck, which welllllll indeed gave me a shit ton of more wisdom to pass down to others, I have not finish teh audio book yet and im learning a lot, its fucking amazing, i feel empowered, and also the realization the the advice i have been giving to other players in ffxiv, well yes are definitely important pieces, like "no matter how good you are, theres always gonna be one mother fucker out there will always hate you no matter what, you dont have to be liked by everyone in life to lead a happy life" and other important ones, but im not gonna lie, it made me feel like me slightly feel like my advice was not good enough even tho its pretty good i would say, your choice to belive me or not, but i then snapped out of it for a moment and said to my brain fuck you man, trying to make my ass feel like shit, btw its normal to feel like shit or feel negative emotions,

to me its the bodies way of saying, "hey we are feeling like shit, we expect you to change that feeling of shit to feeling of good shit,"

look to who ever is reading, this your self worth is defined by you acknowledging your flaws and problems and taking action to fix them, even if they make you feel uncomfortable okay, your worth is defined by your actions and yourself, ima not gonna lie i think i noitce a pattern here with this book, the right balance is the word, tooooooooo much of anything is very fucking bad, like too much loving yourself will make you entiled as fuck, or too much food makes you fat, too much ffxiv makes hmmmmmmmmmmm i dont know, but it does somthing bad

so yeh thats how i felt when listening to the book, yessssssssssss the wisdom, i need to pass it down when i get the chance to someone, fuck yeahhhhhhh.

yep thats me day,
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Niboshi Sonata

Zalera (Crystal)

I like your texts it’s a bit chaotic but kinda poetic
Hope it would last 50+ days ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
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