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my memorable ffxiv experiences

hi just writing this for the hell of it, just bored, so yeh enjoy these are my memorable ffxiv experiences. not in order but will list them ether way

BTW i think you may also notice a lot of edits here and there, most of them are just filling in info that i rememebr from my encoutners with some players or fixing spelling, sorry for the spelling me did not pay attetion in school well hehe

1 the time i saw man named spicy chicken stay in one spot and each day it slowly evolved into him sitting down and falling asleep,

2 the conga line of wedding dresses in limsa and giant orgy of wedding dresses, in limsa all on the same day

3 the lalafell band in limsa, it was spectacular

4 2 bards playing blue bird from naruto, man that shit was cool

5 the acid trip i had with muna lisa and his Mario party game of weirdness, it was quite fun and interesting, well no acid was involved but it was like a acid trip

6 me meeting the nitaschii twins and becoming buds with them, they cool af, but they keep talking about playing with me, hmmmmmmm i hope they mean uno, because me no understando

7 THE CLEANSING hehehehe, it was quite a dangerous experience, bloody dark magic was involved

8 the time i became a ghost, because i had challenged a ghost who dealed coke to a fight to the death, in order to vanish him from a house, he killed me sadly i became a ghost but thankfully a hrothgar avenged me and bam i became normal.

9 me and stellas homies on a fishing trip with her buff roe gf, it was great fishing time.

10 my search for anna banana chan to seek her wisdom, i did manage to find her at least and she gave me wisdom on the power of friendship useful wisdom i shall pass down

11 my anime training arc, to find out what i means to become a man, i met this player in limsa named Dert old, he was a roe, he wore giant red armor, he seemed tough so i challenged him to pvp, he said i wasn't man enough. i was determined to pvp him, so he gave me tasks to do, like fight bahamut solo, catch a chocobo, etc and we had a battle of sissors paper rock, and i won and i found out what i means to be a man, its to never give up, to have a will of fire, we fought and after losing a couple of times i won, it was beautiful, he then returned to limsa where i would ask him about all sorts of wisdom, he gave his wisdom to me like a stoic badass, i sadly never got to properly say goodbye to him before moving datacenters, where ever you are dert thank you again, you really helped me out that day,

12 the one japanese, fesitveil event on aether, i made a alt and had a blast there, it was japanese af, lots of culture and tea, i even got stuck on the celling and made a hole there which made me peer into the abyss, and i fell though a celling and i got drunk and lost me pants, i went around asking for pants, and got nearly kicked out, thank god some elezen dude made me pants, they were red and nice af, i even got to meet Denmo mc strong huge. that one ffxiv youtuber whose a Lalafell, it was a pretty sweet time

13 the time a fairy lala who has a sex addiction, cast a spell on me to command me to get her tea, luckily the spell wore off months ago, but i wonder what is she doing now hmmmm

14 the time a miqo chick named nessie who some reason, acutally had a massive crush on my character and my god she wanted to erp so badly, my god i was doing my usual stuff going around telling people that they are worthy in life. then i see her and tell her that, and i wasn't wearing my Chocobo outfit, so she saw my ffxivs true form, and man she kept asking if i was interested in her, and i gave her a bunch of advice to not suddenly want to start a relationship with some dude you just met, then we parted ways. the 2nd time we met was the most spicy one, she hoooooo boy, wanted to get really close to my character, and every time i would move away she would say stop moving, and my god the hints she was dropping, luckily i handled it well, and politely rejected her, and criticized her taste in men, if she saw i was bangable, and called her out on her thirstiness and bam she got upset, kind of shows what person she is. but yeh that was that, im like wtf just happened is this what its like to be objectified by a woman, well at least that was a learning experience

15 MEETING "THE BRINGER OF VENEGENCE" jarenko Ruokalahti OHH YESSS, the man WHO HAS A POWERFUL HATE BONER FOR ME, READY AND ERECT TO FUK IN ME THE ASS, i have never met someone as deranged and passionate about hating me, and aparettly im the only person you treat like this, so i feel VERY FUCKING HONNORD TO HAVE THE PRIVILLAGE OF BEING THE ONLY PERSON YOU TREAT LIKE sugar honey ice tea, ohhhh jarenko everytime i see you i get excited, my blood pumps, OH YESS MY SWEETIE PIE, call me your dirty prophet of decit and feed my inner masochist, hahahahahaha my sweet *BLOWS KISS* in a nutshell this guy is pretty fucking delusional, prophet of decit the fuck is that, bruh making me sound like a corupt poliction, jarenko the bringer of venengence who rights wrongs, yet he spends his time looking at viera titties, the guy hates me because i like going around telling people wholesome shit, and giving them advice to help them with their problem, the guy makes it sound like im gaing fucking real life money from just me going around telling people they are worthy in life, bruh im broke, af you straight up sound like a karen with this type of shit, fuking bruce wayne sounding ass mother fucker, with his bringer of vengence type of shit, it just blew my mind that someone can be like that, and me going around spreading hope, isn't even effecting him personally, like bruh he wanted to pay me 1 mill to stop being myself, and also tried to pressure me into erp even tho i politey said no thanks like a gentlemen,that was kinda rapey jarenko, no acutally that was pretty fucking rapey, you sick insane bastard and i hope it was just only me you tried pressuring to do erp, and not other people. incase you do in fact do that to other people i hope you drown in your own feces and feel the weight and pain of every action and words you done and also feel a super pain combo of all the pyschal pain you felt in your entire life build up into one big giant piece of pain. damn i kinda got angry there, for a moment hehehehehe. but maybe thats another reason i love you jarenko my sweet, the fiery passion you awaken within me, my raging angry and love towards you, my sweet hehehehehe,

honestly i should have took teh gill and still spread hope, in a nutshell again, the guy hates happiness and wholesome shit and sounds and most likey is insane

"JARENKO LOOK AT US WHYYYYY DO WE HURT EACHOTHER SO, WE COULD HAVE START SOMTHING , BEAITFUL and ALLLL FUCKING LOVING AND ROMANTIC, like being buried next to each other, ohhhhhhhh yes the sweetness" if your reading this my sweet jarenko, thank you for making my day with your bat shit insane comments, made me feel smart that day and happy, that i have never met someone as insane as you my friendddddddddddddddddddddddd hahahahahahahaha love you MY SWEET TILL NEXT TIMe.

16 the time i made a lala and au ra clash and it was a long battle of destruction

17 my walk to mordor with a sprout showing him cool areas, this was before flying mounts in arr

18 yee tii givng me rasins

19 meeting my sexy clone

20 the hot spring party in la noscea, it was someones birthday that day, and gave my homie vali a lot of advice

21 cat boy con in the waking sands,

22 the pink chocobo flash mob i joined and raided moonlit kiss, and elana trolled me that day by making the club think it was my birthday, clever trick elana

23 the day i first went into moonlit kiss, elana saw me and made me a temp dancer on the stairs, i got paid at least, THANKS ELANA thanks for the gill it was nice

24 the march of mor dhona, in respect of a fallen player named yolvi sun tail, i had never met the man, but i made a alt to pay respects to this man, somthing oddly died in me that day, but it was a good kinda die, it changed me for a better, it was pretty sad that day, rip yolvi, go fourth and adventure with honor

25 seeing my clones at a date auction, it was pretty wholesome, this was during Halloween so that was there Halloween costumes, pretty neat costumes deirdre

26 munas Christmas maze, it was weird but cool,

27 the moogle invasion of balmung, they are still there whose fluffy bastards

28 the bee knees orgy in zalrea limsa,

29 the time i killed alloira in cold blood, hehehehehehe am i still a monster lol

30 日本のオーラと侍の戦いをしたとき、お尻を蹴られました

31 the long deep talk i had with aley and elisabeth, not at the same time just diffrent times and dates,

32 the time i stood on a certain cliff and gazed into the distance admiring the view

33 meeting link Baudelaire, we had a great talk outside the north lights club, i think that was the name we became friends

35 the time i had a sleep over with visola and her homies and it was comfy and i told them about my weird dreams it was nice and a cool after wedding party with girrafes

36 the fish goddess named natsumi chika, or somthing i dont remeber her name well, i was in limsa on the omega server it was raining irl and in game and i saw her under a umbrella, she was a cute miqo girl, and i went up to her and all she said was fish fish fish, so i thought why not get her a shit ton of shit, i did and she would give me lots of bread in return i then earned the title fish simp, it was a honor to serve the fish goddess, sadly a week later she got suspended from ffxiv for spamming loud annyoing emotes and spamming chat, that was the last i saw of her

37 yeh thats it for now will maybe update list if i have anymore experiences or remember a few
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Sahara Silverheart

Twintania (Light)

..I think its saying a lot that I all of my fondest memories of this game was 7 yrs ago when I was just a lv35 blm. This kind lv50 lala came out of no where and taught me how to play the game, and made me the player I am today.

Sahara Silverheart

Twintania (Light)

Actually that's wrong. How could I forget the 3 new players that were with me in what was their first time aurum vale and my first time tanking it. No wipes. I really hope they went to be very good players.
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