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Grinding Through Main Story

Originally I had planned on doing semi-daily blog posts of my adventures through ffxiv, but I kind of forgot (sweats). Since the announcement of Endwalker coming out in November I am determined to complete all the expansions before it's release!

Currently, I am doing Stormblood and recently made it to Kugane and passed through the Ruby Sea to Yanxia. I also had a friend show me the parkour course in Kugane and was kind enough to guide me through it. It was a very frustrating and interesting experience and I will be forever grateful to my friend for having the patience to teach me how to make it to the top despite my constant flubs making many of the jumps. Though I wasn't able to make it to the top during the training period I spent with my friend I ended up coming back to try again on my own as my previous failure kept bugging me. During my solo run with persistance I was able to successfully make it to the top after a few couple slip ups. It was a good feeling, not to mention that the view from up top was very much worth the effort spent to get there.

Switching topics for a bit to go back to past memories. If there are any events that have taken place that I wanted to include from my travels there are really only 2 that come to mind:

This first memory took place during my grind for the anniversary event. I was doing my daily runs through the Praetorium since it's the only dungeon that offered the most event tomestones. However, one specific run was memorable as I and a few other other party members ended up getting cutscene jailed. As I'm sure many veteran players are aware, when you run the Praetorium you can't skip the cutscenes. This is a given right? Well let me tell you...during this specific run when the cut scenes were playing I noticed that there were notices popping up on my screen informing me when areas were being sealed as well as hearing the bosses shout their in-battle lines. I was very confused at first cause it seem impossible for the boss fights to be happening when the cutscenes are unskipable, but they were...and every time one ended it would proceed to the next cutscene and before I knew it we were done running the Praetorium ;-; Literally cutscene jailed...I felt slightly useless, but I realized I wasn't the only one so that was a bit of a consolation knowing I wasn't the only one who didn't do a lot of work (haha). Still I have to wonder how some players were able to cheat the cutscenes and complete the dungeon without a majority of the party, but I can't complain cause I still got my tomestones so alls well that ends well right? xD

The second was really a single moment, it happened during my time in Ishgard. I was looking though my gear to make sure my character was fully equipped with the best gear I had, when all of a sudden I see a message pop up in the bottom left corner of my screen. The message read that a player had thrown 'something' at my wind-up Alphinaud minion?! I kid you not they did a "hit and run" on my minion?! I had seen a player run and momentarily stop before moving on just prior to the message showing up and it just left me flabbergasted. The incident left me feeling that the person must have had something against Alphinaud or else why would they have thrown 'something' at my minion??? I personally like Alphinaud so I felt a little upset, but everyone has their own preferences so I can't out them for not liking him if they really just don't like him...

Anyways, I'm looking forward to continuing my adventures through the east and hopefully I will remember to leave logs of the goings on during my travels. Till next time!
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Misa Ayuzawa

Behemoth (Primal)

Unfortunately there are cheaters and impatient players. But don’t let that stop you from your journey to Endwalker!


Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

I would have taken your Alphinaud minion and kicked it off a cliff.
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