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The Diadem and the Diadem and the Diadem

The restoration project has started to fruit again--in the middle of everything else, of course. That's life, though--as chaotic as ever.

I meant to help with the alchemical side of things, what with cubus flesh being a bit easier to get in the Tempest than in Coerthas, but I'm still scrubbing goo out of my armor from yesterday, and I don't think the smell will come out any time soon. The tinctures are in higher demand, and I tried my hand at them, but...let's just say I'm better at fighting.

In other words, I've taken to the supply side of the effort. As they say, those that can, shall, and those that can't....shall do something else.

The Diadem is still such a strange place--no matter how many of us gather materials, no matter how much we take, there's always more. I feel like there's an analogy there, but I don't know to what.

Anyway, I'll leave it on that note--the crafters are going through materials about as fast as we can gather them, so it's back to the Diadem for me.
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