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Machine lifeforms and recorded messages

Admittedly, I still don't understand what a machine lifeform is, or why it's any different from a mammet. I...might be adding mammets to my list of groups to reevaluate, along with "beast"men.

My pile of armor has grown, again. It's been harder to ease off the white dye than I intended, but there are more important issues to deal with. Namely, everyone else's.

...Fray would smack me for saying that kind of thing, but the Scions are still lousy for mental health....and I've done enough thinking for a while.

On a more frivolous note, I didn't think I'd look good in this style, but it turned out better than I expected:

Though....that picture is a bit outdated--I look more like the machine lifeforms now, so I have mixed feelings about using the whole outfit at once.

Heh....I really did wind up cutting it all off. It's refreshing, especially in the desert. Less so in Coerthas.

I made sure to tell him everything. Even the less glamorous parts. If we met now instead of before, would he still have lit up at the sight of

No--stop. No "what if"s, no questions I can't answer. They don't do anything.

Maybe it's because I was gone so long, but the sky in Eorzea looks different. Like I can see more stars from Limsa, or the clouds are....clearer, somehow. It doesn't make sense, but that's how it feels.

Mostly it's just something to look at while flying across the continent or sailing to Doma repeatedly. Which is to say, I've been catching up with my old guildmasters--brushing up my techniques.

Getting to a point where I can meld materia to my gear again is another matter. I need crafting scrips, but the restoration is progressing's packed, though. I'd rather help out when supplies are low--I'm better at solving problems than preventing them.

In the meantime....the occasional stroll through a hostile area or few.

It was strange to be in the Crystal Tower again, after so long. Looking at it now, it's....Ascian-sized. I wonder if all the old structures are like that--influenced by the way they built Amaurot and such.

I spent a good part of the trip wondering why the naming sense in my head called it Twinning, but it made sense once I spotted the back of my own head.

Is it bad to say that the return of the Thermocoil Boilbuster is what caught me most off-guard? CXLIV, at that--it's too many versions for anything. Hells, the XIV was already too many versions for a kettle.

And after 130 versions, it's really not a kettle anymore. Or at least, kettles don't normally try to kill me. Nor are they usually larger than me. Seriously, what was the design path for that?

...On second thought, I want to talk to whichever Wedge decided to reuse that kettle's name.
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