Yarha Myers

Kujata (Elemental)

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Entry for June 2021

First time I am doing this blog, I was planning to do this regularly, and at best I can only do it once a month ahaha. (*^▽^*)

There is a new items this month called "Reshi Attire". It really looks good, you can even color it a bit to looks like Shinsengumi's 羽織 and cosplay as one... still I like purple more so I change it again to my favorite color.

There's something I just notice, so... when you had mail/online store items delivered to moogle mailbox, there is some kind of music from the box (I must been taken my mail too fast to notice it this past 3 years

I also redecorated again the first floor in my house, finally I found the design that I want in my first floor and make a little garden inside the house

These last months I really get swamped with work, but I still try to visits Eorzea as much as I can even if I am just afk... I like people watching, so doing high-end raid wasn't priority for me.

I am so glad I done this, you never knew what interesting things that you can find each day in Eorzea, for example like this wonderful music performance in Gridania... Ah... I can sleep well tonight ( *︾▽︾)

Commentaires (2)

Sid Bhirfacewyn

Kujata (Elemental)

Hey, Yarha.
I know exactly what you mean about aiming to write a certain amount on the blog!

I also noticed the mogmail music last night for the first time!

FFXIV often has me doing lots of different things, not just the main story. Going to cafes, hanging out and chatting with friends at the bench in Gridania, listening to music, running roulettes, etc. - The best thing about it is that I’m always having fun, which is the whole point!

Let me know if you want to meet up in game some time!

Yarha Myers

Kujata (Elemental)

Thanks Sid,

Sure, I would like too. I don't have fixed time nowadays, but usually I "almost always" online around Saturday at night or Sunday in the morning. I'll be sure to look for you when I am online (●'◡'●)
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