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Zalera (Crystal)

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f(^ー^; Instant Confusion and Sadness

Last weekend, my best friend and I finished the Realm Reborn (pre-100 quests) arc. We loved the arc and are really looking forward to getting to Heavensword since it seems many people have enjoyed that much more.

There was only one thorn to those last two instances: the party.

Were they quick and efficient? Absolutely. For them.

However, regardless of the game alerting the others of players running it for the first time, and our own messages asking for some guidance as it was our first time, no one seemed to care.

My friend died at least 3 times. She's a scholar and was a bit better at following where everyone was. But apparently no one was trying to keep her alive. Me? I was just trying to figure out what my role was since the other tank with the crown didn't feel the need to explain. So I died taking adds on only to realize everyone was gone.

Praetorium was even worse.
That group all warped to the Twelve knows where and, as I had my aggro ax of anger up and was perpetually slower due to unfamiliarity with the layout, got mauled and died. My friend somehow got stuck behind all the mobs in a hallway somewhere so we both had to wait until something showed up to teleport us. And that was basically what we saw of the place.
Get lost as no one was there when we arrived.
Pray for next teleport while trying to get through with just us.

It was miserable.
So I just want to throw out there that if the game AND player are announcing n00b-ness, please take the time to explain or check on them. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 Especially you fast typers. We depend on your kindness!

We absolutely know you wanna plow through and mark your daily done. But dear Papalymo...helping doesn't take too much time.
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It's unfortunate that mentors won't take the time to explain. It appears in your case people were there for the tomestones. Even so, usually people are pretty chill in that run. You can continue to let people know that you are not familiar with the fight and hope people will help. Or just go with the flow and have fun. If you die, no biggie, you'll respawn ^^

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

The first one, it's pretty straight forward, but people will gather a great amount of mobs up and if you are new, you will get overwhelmed by them since you do not have the stats to survive it.

The second has a lot of teleporters and elevators and people will use them quickly. If you are new, yeah, you WILL get lost or stuck as everyone leaves the area and all the mobs jump you.

If you said you were new, someone should have said something on what to do or slowed down to kill the mobs.

Sol Luce

Zalera (Crystal)

Thank you for your comments.( ^ω^ )

It was definitely overwhelming so that didn't help.

We talked it over and decided just that! Keep announcing our lack of know-how and just try to figure it out on our own when no one check ups on us. (*´・з・)

Luka Masuramah

Faerie (Aether)

Unfortunately, that content will continue to be rough on new players simply because it takes so long (45+ minutes). The old players have been through those dungeons hundreds of times and are just sick of it.
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