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I've been playing for a few months now on PS4 and truly enjoy it. I started as a way to hang out with my siblings and best friend since I moved literally across the world.

I have a few characters as well. I know, I know:
You can do it all on one character!
But let me explain before you judge too quickly.
I started the game originally to play with 3/4 of my siblings on our weekly game night. Two siblings were already on one server while myself and the other sibling had yet to purchase. So of course we joined that server. But to play together faster, stories and scenes had to be skipped. Which is a horrible way to spend ANY FF game. Thus I made a side character to enjoy the story at my pace the rest of the week.

Then my best friend saw the PS4 achievements and wanted to play. So then I had a 3rd character and we played together, choosing classes with the same starting city.

Then Shadowbringers happened and who the hell doesn't want to be a beast boy or bunny girl?!

Suffice it to say, character creation has been a blast as well. ????

I look forward to playing and enjoying more in the future. ????
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Yalavech Dazkar

Famfrit (Primal)

Sounds like you're having fun. :)

Sol Luce

Zalera (Crystal)

(* ̄∇ ̄*) Yes, so far so good!
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