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My first Anniversary!

Around year ago I started adventure with FFXIV. Before I tried a demo version. It is true that I had a break of several months but for several months I have been a regular player. In my first impression Ul'Dah was an ugly place but after my first quests and a time spent in Ul'Dah (especially at night) this is my favourite place in game. I love to just sit in town and listen to music while drawing art or doing something else.

I'm happy to know but it's been a year. I'm still remember my first equipments and skills changed after updates. Now I'm mainly a Palladin. Probably not the best but I hope not the worst^^

This is my first post here because I just wanna say to you guys hello community!
PS. Today my best friend was bought FFXIV to so I'm so happy of that! You know what? She was always a great healer in other MMO's so here I think she will be great to. We all need great healers - ofc rest classes too. But now, I fell like almost immortal with her near me^^

Tace care guys.
~ Monstee

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