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From March 22 to April 12 until the first completed.
I managed to finish it by Patch 5.5.
This time I played with GNB(MT). GNB has no unique weapon, so I exchanged DRK's one.
In many memorial photos, you turn your back to the boss and look at me, but I think this composition is also cool.
This experience has also been my bread and butter. Thank you to everyone at the party.

The Weapon's Refrain also referred to みんとっと, as did Alexander.
However, from the Ultima Weapon phase, I considered the recast and consulted with the party to determine the process.
It took us about 38 hours, most of which was to stabilize Titan jails.
When Jail is attached, call with Voice and Chat, and point Landslide to the center as much as possible.
Why put it in the center, it was done so that it could be moved from either side in time.
It had nothing to do with me, though...
For me, getting the third Orb was the hardest part, but once I figured out the timing, I was on my way.
The party needs to go around for all the items, so there are about 10 rounds left, but we are already counting down to the end.

Is it because I only play the ones with strategies that come out later that I find them fun?
But I'm enjoying the NIER raid, so I'm sure that won't be the case.
I'm sad to see that the Ultimate contents is no longer scheduled for 5.55, but I feel it's important to know what to do while we wait for 6.15. What am I supposed to do for about 6 months.
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