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Duocycle Journeys 7: Before I Leave, Awe, Ishgard

To prepare for departure, I dropped by the Jewelled Crozier to buy some stuff.
While walking there, I found something I have never seen before...
No that would be wrong... I saw it before but I have never looked at it intentionally.

Coerthas. The land around Ishgard... It is filled with snow and mountains all around. I have never "looked" at this scenery before as back then, all we could think about is the dragons and the primals.

The Horizon filled with white topped mountains look so beautiful in this clear sky.

For a while, I stayed there, gazing at the horizon and basking in the nice cold air.

After snapping back to reality, I turned around remembering i had things to do... then I stopped.

I looked up and saw another scenery I have not seen before... I could not imagine how tall these building are. The pillars piercing the sky pointing heavensward... Again I say it.

While I shopped for my provisions... I couldn't help looking around.

The city with no more soldiers running about with weapons in hand ready to attack dragons and fellow people alike to protect what they believed was right.

A city, that just recently, finished rebuilding a huge part of it ready to take on residents and spread cheer.

Truely breathtaking... of is my breath just affected by the sheer altitude of this place... Kidding aside.
It is awe inspiring what a moments rest to look around changes one's perspective.

I straightened up myself.
I took a deep breath.
I walked.
I waved.
I rode.

See you later Ishgard.
Off I go to the snowy lands heading back to dusty Thanalan.
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