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What is my Newfound joy? Travelling!

While following the shenanigans of a certain "Inspector" that has risen from three yalms under the sands... I just realized how beautiful the scenery was even in the rain.

I took Roads for granted and has been hoopping skipping jumping flying and even teleporting all around the star, I forgot to look around me.

... Yeah this also reminded me of that time Me, Than and Urian used that "innovative" technique of transporting to an Aetherite without the need of attuning to it first... violent reaction was an understatement.

This began my own Newfound Journey... to take my time and traverse this star of ours while watching the scenery go by on my new Ceruleum Powered Two-wheeled vehicle the Ironworks gave me... or is making me test...

With Aetherites prices rising, this is a nice time to Traverse at a Pace even a tonberry can catch up to.
Wait, that's a creepy thought... Nevermind.

For now, I'll try to post my travels. Let's hope I remember to do it.
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