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Balmung (Crystal)

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Semi-Productive Week?

Another week going by with no Turn 5 clear again. I've also had no offers to join any groups despite showing mastery of the fight while others in the party had no clue how to play their jobs it seemed. I would really like to keep playing into 2.2 because I love this game, and the story, but wow... my luck with groups is the worst.

Best group this week was a PUG that got Twin to 0.6%. Yup, around 3000HP, that's all she had left. They went on to win the next day but I was at work so, it matters not; glad they won cause I know they'd been working very hard. I would love to play with those kinds of people but again, no one's offering.

Made a post on the forums and didn't try to hide anything. Prolly should have, but those who know me outside of battle know I enjoy having fun. I just hate to wipe over and over and over because of the same issue.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get it out. Hope all of your adventures are going better than mine is...

Wait, positive note! Got Gold Rank on Odin at last!!! I think it's cause I wait patiently for 2 hours camping him hahaha (sorry those of you who were there 6 or more or something). One more FATE achievement to go, well... plus the 3K one. But yea, very happy =D
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Carbuncle Plushy

Balmung (Crystal)

Today's runs started poorly, but picked up into the late evening. Finally had a group consistently making it to phase 4, but kept having twister deaths. Oh well, at least I was able to help get them all practice on this phase. Maybe they'll invite me back next week? Still looking for a group to do stuff with and 2.2 content.
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