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For the Glory of Mankind



Spoilers for the 2nd Alliance Raid in the YoRHa series follow, so the remainder of this entry is hidden for those who wish to avoid them.

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It's a YoRHa raid, what else is there to say? Watch the movements of the boss and dodge, death awaits at every corner. But beware, it tries to bait you into moving wrongly!

What's this?! Bullet hell of death?!

I had not played AST at level 80 in a long, long time, and neglected to use many of my skills (like Horoscope). No wonder the healing felt so difficult. However, I was in a giant premade with like a dozen Ultimate cleared raiders, so all this was no challenge for them. Even though I died a lot, they 1 shot every boss, I got carried harder than the entire F-35 complement of the USS Nimitz. Lol!

That's all!

Commentaires (2)

Kitti Kitti

Midgardsormr (Aether)

I truly enjoyed this raid. Healing it was challenging. Do many deaths.. Need to go in a dozen or more times to remember all the mechanics.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I like it too! It's refreshing to have a raid that you can actually wipe on. I want to do it as tank, but so far there was no tank spots in my friends parties (I think everyone wants the sexy tank coat, lol!)
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