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Tales From Savage Week 1


As someone who is experiencing a new raid tier on release for the first time, I feel that week 1 of Savage is a magical time. Everyone is excited, PF is bursting with activity, and there is a festive mood in the air. I feel part of this huge carnival where everyone is trying to win prizes.

I barely played over the weekend, logging in only to level miner a bit, but during breaks at work I checked reddit. There were tales of frustration, anger and defeat. But there were also many stories of teamwork, perseverance and triumph, like this healer who rescued a newly-raised DPS out of the way of a lethal attack just in time, or this DRG who saved their party from a wipe by Elusive Jumping into the correct spot (they went on to clear that very run). New players, some who were playing FFXIV for the first time or even completely new to MMO's or raiding, shared stories of 1st clears.

And of course, there were the funny, odd or endearing things. Spoilers for Eden normal and savage follow.

1. BRB, Switching to BLM

During the race for world 1st clear of Eden Savage, a player from the 2nd place team switched from SMN to BLM on E4S, the final boss. Their Twitter message explains it was due to tendonitis:

I cannot even begin to imagine the skill involved to be able to play 2 jobs at such a level, switch confidently to another job midway, and clear with it. But of course, one's health must take priority.

I have heard that SMN is extremely action-intensive to play in 5.05, requiring many button presses. Take care of your hands and rest your wrists SMN players!

2. Duty Failed

Someone took this hilarious screenshot from E1S. Their instance timer ran out in the middle of Eden Prime's ultimate, so it looks like they failed and got ejected from the planet, and died. Lol, bad end!

3. World First For A Friend

One of the teams in the race for world 1st clear was named "World First For A Friend". While they did not win, coming in at rank 95, their team name made me smile and was really endearing.

What, you think Savage is all about min/max, parse, elitism and fflogs? Only if one wants it to be that way. Savage is what you make of it. It can be about conquering fear, learning teamwork, and developing a growth mindset. It can be for fun! And it can be for a friend.

4. Don't Drop The LB

A DPS assigned to use melee LB on Titan at 1% attempted to click on the icon, but his hotbars were unlocked, and he accidentally dragged it off the bar! Hijinks follow. Apparently, his screams were not on voice, so teammates were unaware of what happened. By the time it became apparent something was wrong and another DPS should attempt to LB, it was too late. Wipe!

This immediately spawned a wave of memes encouraging people not to drop the LB button.

It reminds me of an incident shortly after the release of The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate). A SMN was assigned to use caster LB to deal with a mechanic at a point in the fight. However, caster LB is not commonly used in raiding, and they did not have it on their hotbar. They clicked through the entire actions menu looking for it, somehow managed to miss the page it is on (it's under General), did not find it in time and then they wiped, lol.

These people are over 100x as skilled as I am, but in the end, even extremely good players are still human, and can make mistakes.

I have not watched the video personally because I hope to be able to reach E4 Savage one day, and see Titan's final form personally. But based on comments posted in the thread, they were able to laugh it off, and cleared 3 pulls later, which shows you the kind of attitude that good players have.

Good luck to those out there learning and clearing!
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