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Exploration Log: Coerthas Western Highlands

Today I went on an adventure!

Phi and I spent some time traversing the snowy tundras of Coerthas Western Highlands.

I really appreciate that they allow players to fill in the empty spaces on the map for themselves. Specifically with this continent, aimlessly wandering over mountaintops and passing through notable monuments feels really accomplishing- like I really am just a lone explorer mapping uncharted territory.

I got to see some pretty spectacular sights; vast canyons and towering cliffs, snow covering the ground in every direction as far as the eye could see.

While I traveled, I actually really enjoyed soloing Fates along the way, (with the help of my trusty chocobo Phi, of course). I even stopped a few times to join the occasional fellow explorer complete their own Fates.

To my utter delight, I also ran into many creatures that I've never seen before. Adorable Wooly Yaks, towering monsters made of stone, overgrown wolf-like creatures, vicious man-eating antelopes, and even polar bears (which is funny, btw); all of which were aggressive enough to attack you as soon as you so much as breathed in their general direction.

I happened upon a level 60 Kreutzet, somewhere towards the eastern edge of the continent. It was big, and scary, and honestly it looked like it could eat me for breakfast, but I knew that I just had to engage with it.

Luckily one of my FC members wasn't too busy, and he kindly flew in to help me out. (And by help me out, I mean that Daru-niisan was level 70 and did most of the heavy lifting, while I mainly just provided regens and moral support. Feels WHM.)

All in all, it was a very exciting day! Every land in Eorzea is vastly different, and I always appreciate how much effort the people making the game put into creating such an intricate world.

I secretly dread the day when I run out of new places to explore. But until that day comes, I'll be sure to enjoy every moment of discovery and adventure as they come!

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