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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Blood Ties

The blood alone painted everything a dark red,
I realized I had suffered a mortal blow
I held my wound in hopes that it might prolong death.

Yukio: “Why did you make me believe in your love”
Tatsuo: “It’s the blood of our ancestors that preside over this land
My heart is yours, it’s honor that yields my blade”

Yukio: “What is honor to the dead, this blade is cold,
but my heart is full of warmth and it beats for you”
Tatsuo: “We are Dragon's, and only one can rule”

Tatsuo rushed with his blade towards Yukio,
it would be the last strike in the war for the land
between the two dragon families but this is only the end.

Let the elements speak, the Shinto Gods tell me a story.

the story begins with a gentle breeze from the west,
It whistle among the trees, ominous but peaceful, there is silence.

The Kugane sun sets and in the distance we see Yukio the fortunate one.
Adopted into the Northern Royal Sea Dragon Family at a young age, enlisted to samurai elite
school, he meditates on a rock.

The silence is broken; a horse drawn carriage approaches.
It stops the horses reluctant to go further stop where Yukio now stands.

Yukio recognizes the royal seal, the Dragons of Fire,The Southern Royal Family.

Yukio anticipate a greeting, but what stumbles out is a drunk youth.
Tatsuo bows half heartedly as he laugh.

Tatsuo:“Aww a sea dragon, your attire tells all” as he clings to Yukio

Yukio: “what brings you to the north, a young prince come to eye the beauty of our women”

Tatsuo: “the beauty of the finest spirits
(as he hold up a bottle) northern dragon sake it superior”

Yukio: “that we can agree on” (Smiles)

Tatsuo: “No I thought to take in the beauty of Kugane on my way home
The king wants this son to study the art of the samurai as the school
belong neither to the south or north I enlisted and celebrating my acceptance”

Yukio, was in his 3rd year a decorated student, and a leader, there are rules
One must follow on how a student and a leader must interact. Further drinking
on school days is a violation of the rules Yukio knew this but the occasion was unique
As a dragon prince stood in front of him

Yukio: “let us get you home” as he carried Tatsuo into the carriage and instructed the driver to
Head to the southern palace.

Tatsuo had outdone himself and was in and out of consciousness,
It was late when the carriage arrived the sun had set and the maids had all gone
Into their quarters only the crickets sang their song.

It was an odd thing for a Prince to be assisting another Prince.
Yukio knew the consequences if they found
Tatsuo in this state a day before his first day.

Reluctantly he helped the southern prince down, walked him into the the quiet palace
and although their families were of different lineage.
The architecture was the same as was most of the layout

As the Kugane masons do not affiliate, they belong to kugane not families.

He laid Tatsuo down, naturally he began undressing as his instinct made him realize
He was home

Tatsuo: “hey your still here” he said in a drunken stupor
grabbing Yukio face as he kissed him

Yukio was shocked, he didn’t speak or motion as Tatsuo passed out shortly after.
He did not know what to think beside that the prince is drunk and will have no recollection
So why even worry about it. It was not out of the ordinary for Samurai to have male partners
but they were royalty. He pushed the thought aside and carried on.

Although Yukio was kind hearted, he was no fool. He managed to take several gold coins from Tatsuo
He wasn’t going to pay for a trip to northern Kugane and back to his own palace
It was the price for his help he thought.

This is how the story of two Samurai Dragons begins.

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