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I suggest you all visit other data centers; because sometimes y’all need a joint or something. I’ve transferred three time just to see what it’s like in the 2 years I’ve played and Idk why y’all sitting on my cake, that’s rude. What happen to the relaxed gamers we promised ourselves we were? Instead y’all expect an MCH to do spread shot for the 10000th time just because you gathered enemies in a dung, do you know between lvl 30 and 80 how many time I’ve used spread shot as compared to my other skills? F Gets so boring. So no that’s not always happening.

Another bit is setting up PF at 2 am and expect everyone to be perfect, it’s 2 am half of us bored and we over did it trust me we should be asleep. Not playing ffxiv and it shows. Relax, Woosa , go relieves some tension, something!

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

IF anyone is putting up a PF at 2 am, they REALLY deserve what they get, I mean seriously, 2 am? ;P

Ok, they COULD be overseas people playing on Aether, but still. Like you said, most will be NA dead tired people just bored and phoning it in. Even on the west coast it will be 11 pm by then. ;-)
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