Louis Lioncourt

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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Something Strange: The End

Chocosurge, my companion, my friend readied for battle. I unloaded spread shot, on the horde taking chunks of their HP. They were no longer people they had been transformed into Avises, a dragon type fiend due to the high amounts of Fafnir blood they had consumed.

Was this the fate of the people who had been infected how many countless souls? There was no time to think, Exarch trampled on a few of them unloading his Chocobeak along the way.

The horde was overwhelming. Dodging as best as I could reached for my gun, flamethrower 🔥 they began dying but continued hurling at me.

“Mwhahah, enough of this foolishness” Fafnir roared. The horde ceased and he began gathering energy!

This was the end, I could not survive his fiery ancient breath, and Exarch didn’t have the healing potency to keep me alive.

Out of the darkness appeared Natsuki Wolf (PLD), She yelled with all her might “Passage of Arms”, suddenly a starry veil befell us Kushana Devareux (AST) followed, “Nocturnal Sect, Aspected Helios! Collective Consciousness!” As Fafnir unloaded!


My friends had been keeping eyes on me and I was truly a lucky Machinists In good faith I unloaded Tactician in case we should need some coverage after the blast. There was fiery plumes everywhere. Burns covered our body, but we survived, Natsuki provoked, as Miss Devareux healed our wounds. I resembled my gun unloaded drill at the Wyrms heart. Critical Hit 100000!!

“You cannot defeat me” Fafnir roared! Limit Break! Flaaaaareeeee V as he began casting.

We were lucky enough to survive the first blast was this our demise?

“Do not dismay the dragons-slayer is here, Dragonfire dive!”130000!!! critical! It was Estenien followed by a group of Ishgardian soldiers. “Draconian Light!” A shield enveloped us protecting us from the fiery hell that ensued, the walls crystallized from the immense heat.

It was our turn, Limit Break 3! “Dragonsong Dive!” Rightfully Estenien roared. 10000000!!!!! damage!

“Noooooooooo, this can’t be!, I will return until humanity cease and dragon reign once more” Fafnir burned up in his own fiery blood returning to ashes and into the ground!

After Fafnir was defeated Estenien explained that the count suspected the warden of foul play and had his men follow him. When he discovered the cult and their plan he fled to safety but had asked Estenien to lead an assault. After hearing about my encountered he kept a close watch. Which I am truly grateful.

There is much to be done, and the Realm will always need protection. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Louis De Lioncourt

MCH Det.
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