Louis Lioncourt

Pèlerin du destin

Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Grand Company

Maybe it’s destiny that I should end up in a place like my home, that is with trees, abundance of streams, vegetation, and a sense of calm all that is Gridania.

As of late I find my self short handed, that is to say I spent to many seals on primarily unique crafting materials, and Ventures. A Venture Coin is the favorite currency of the Retainers Guild.

I never knew that belonging to The Order of The Twin Adder would stir great pride within someone. Truly odd, as you recall I came from a distant land. It’s as if I belong here an a small sense of betrayal enters my thoughts.

Nonsense is entertaining thoughts that lead to the hastening of happiness; one should never be afraid of becoming. That’s what we live for day by day to become the best version of ourselves. That by no means requires that you settle for a place, person, or situation. Destiny will lead you into grace if you allow yourself a bit of freedom.

Onward I’m now truly a denizen of Gridania; wearing my colors with pride. I took it upon myself to enlist in several duties, slaying fated beast, and assisting in deliveries doing my part for the realm and to fill my coffers with seals.

Til we meet again.

Louis Lioncourt
Healer, Bard and Friend!
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