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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Lyhe Ghiah

Today I traveled to the Rak’Tika Greatwoods and various Norvandt Regions, in my mining expeditions over the course of a few days I had discovered various Zonureskin Maps. Which I had entrusted one to each of my retainers as I employ four, I had one Previously deciphered one, and stored one in my Chocobo saddlebag concluding with one among my travel gear. It was an adventure! I rounded up a group of fellow adventurers mainly friends.

We faced various hordes of creatures and animals alike, upon their defeat an aetheric portal manifested above their rotting aetheric flesh. One that led us to Lyhe Ghiah a place I had visited once before but today I was privileged to access Lyhe Ghiah 5 times where we fought against hordes of creatures. Until our last breath lead us to the final chamber. It was truly amazing sand will plan to visit once more.

I look forward to more adventures, for now I continue my perfection of archery and Bard mastery a skill that is highly misunderstood. Despite my high range of damage I admit my goal is the to support my team and enhance their strength so that they may live another day!

Like the wind piercing I bid farewell


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