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Please Stop Ruining it for Everyone Else

As some of you may know, there is a glitch when you do the main story duty roulette if you log out during a cut scene you skip it or something to that effect. I've never tired it, but the last 3 days when I went to do main story roulettes, that's what happened.

It's one thing if everyone agrees on it and that's what you want to do, but all 3 times it happened there were a lot of ticked off players... me being one of them.

The first time it happened I didn't log off, but someone else did and I was actually kicked from the cut scene (never experienced that before) and it was just me and one other player against the boss. Well needless to say since we were both DPS, we both died and I was extremely irritated but I remained quiet. Well this player didn't stop there and just kept doing it and people kept getting pulled from the cut scene and well lets just say there were a lot of unhappy players until we finally kicked the player from the party.

Second time it happened a player decided to try it and died almost immediately and didn't bother to attempt it again

So yesterday we went in and there were a lot of first timers. Well a veteran tank and healer decided to use the (glitch) to buzz right through all and the first timers were so confused and lost. I'm just saying but I'd be mad if that was me. I wouldn't want my first time running a dungeon to be ruined but I don't think anyone was willing to try kicking a tank and a healer with so many players being green.

My big thing is why don't people ask the party first before they attempt something like that? Why is it that they only consider themselves? I get the whole playing a MMORPG solo instead of running with other players (I get really anxious and awkward playing with others) so I do a lot in the game solo. But any group activity I have to partake in to get through the game I'm always willing to work with everyone to make it enjoyable and get through it.
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Tevo Darksky

Diabolos (Crystal)

I myself have encountered this. I was quite amused by the little one found dead upon the rest of us spawning into the fight. This occurred numerous times, although I was not in anyway harmed by this tactic I did find it to add to the overall time of the run. I found this to be quite annoying.
Another time I had the pleasure of a repeat performance. This time the perpetrader remained alive through all encounters. However I found little to any benefit from the alledged glitch.

Sarah Logangar

Brynhildr (Crystal)

Dont talk about glitches in lodestone I dont want emergency maintenance thanks
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