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Order Yet Undeciphered. I Speak.


I had yet to speak on the Lodestone after a long time of focusing on work at Eagle Jump. So I wanted to take this time to give my reflections on my body of work in Eorzea. The content in this game is immense and full of richness and vibrance that has been an inspiration to helping Yagami-san with developing new titles for Eagle Jump. I showed the entire team, Hifumi, Hajime, Yun, Momiji and the others the music, the environment, the mechanics and balance, everything that makes this game and my work special.

I studied how cooldowns are made, how emotes are applied, how the textures are shown, and so on and so forth. I even chose to give a commendation to a player that had problems logging back on. She was a tank and I needed to make her feel that her struggles were not in vain.

I showed Nenecchi the footage of her as a chocobo flying and running. She had a smug look on her face. "I am strong enough to carry you on my back," she said.

"Are you trying to make fun of my weight?" I asked her, unimpressed.

"Who said I would?" Brilliant comeback. That's why she is my chocobo.

Moreoever, the emphasis of crafting and gathering items to level up cannot be lost, and the possibility of acquiring exclusive content is getting the creative juices flowing. The more I spend time looking at such rich and delightful content, the more convinced my team will use it as an inspiration for the next big title.

And the ability to make actual music in this game adds another bold ingredient to the experience. It's an ingredient that requires a responsible, law-abiding mind. Japan is a nation built on defending its brands, its music, its legacy and it relishes taking on those who impede on it without fear. There's just one caveat. I don't play Bard and I won't have the time. Playing with this Colibri Cannon decked in Parisian red and blue is too addictive.

Somebody give me some turkey.
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