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Baldesion Arsenal (BA) Macro, Fate Support !

As always, welcome to my new macro, here you will find my macro for the SUPPORT FATE in Eureka Hydatos. © Sweety Bell - Ragnarok.


For the first time this macro wont have any visual, the only visual you can get is from the copy/paste.

GL Killing BA (and respect the EU plannings, thank you)

By the way, if u have any suggestion on macro, for spells and stuff, feel free to DM me in game or leave a comment below.


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/micon "Conditional Virtue" minion
/sh Hi, we're currently in the Baldesion Arsena, soon you'll have to do the fate who'll spawn in the S-W of Hydatos, known as "The Baldesion Arsenal: Expedition Support" <wait.5>
/sh The boss of the fate, ★ Tristilia ★ will spawn after killing a few mobs. The boss has some tricky mechanics you'll have to do if you want to succeed. <wait.5>
/sh By killing this fate you gain a chance to our mate us by 8 new portals and you are giving us the possibility to engage AV by taking out his invulnerability buff. <wait.5>
/sh You will need : DISPELL, FEINT & SPIRIT DART. <wait.5>

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/sh Here is a reminder of the spells for new players :
/sh 》 SPINE LASH : He will turn around himself and push out people away from him. <wait.5>
/sh 》 TORNADO II : A big AoE all around him. The safe spot is in his hitbox, under him.<wait.5>
/sh 》 AEROGA IV : A little AoE all around him. Just run away from him and you will be fine. <wait.5>
/sh 》 DUAL CAST : As the name suggests, he'll cast Tornado II, followed without any cast bar of Aeroga IV, sometimes he does it in the other way. <wait.5>
/sh 》 METEOR : EXPLOSION ! Run far away and DISPELL the crit buff ! <wait.5>
/sh 》 SHOCK SPIKES : Buff, USE DISPELL. <wait.5>
/sh Good luck killing it, hope you will join us very soon inside to kill AV !

Macro for the Support team (Short and better)

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/sh Support team speaking ! The Support Fate is about to spawn very soon, it's gonna spawn here <flag>, we'll be pleased if you can let us join our mates inside the BA !
/sh (In the case of things go bad for us, be sure to have a << Feint, Dispell and Spirit Dart >>)

Macro for people inside, shorter
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/sh BA Team on duty ! We're about to spawn Support Fate very soon, prepare yourself and go there <flag> ! Our support team is ready to join us right after the fate, I beg you to be nice and let them join us.
/sh To provide fails from Support Team, take << Dispell, Feint and Spirit Dart >>, thank you and GL!

I changed the spamming anoying macro into a double one, Spells in a side, explications in an other one.
I also added 2 new macro, shorter, one for the Support fate outside, and an other for the BA team, inside. Be sure to delete useless explication if it anoys you, my macro are free to use as always, and I'm glad to participate in the FFXIV contnent like this.

GL & HF for killing it as always. (AND RESPECT PLANNINGS)
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