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week long break + ingame trouble

My playtime is ending today and I have to keep a break for about a week before I can afford to buy more time :(
And I just unlocked White mage job! It has always been my fav job in FF series, I even cosplayed one few years ago.

Anyway, Im so fascinated by Eorzea and it keeps suprising me with how beautiful and wonderful it is. I keep getting distracted by sidequests and fishing etc all the time :D I guess I still have quite a lot of main quest remaining.. oops.

~~Ingame troubles~~

Lately I havent been able to take screenshots? I just get that red error text saying it failed :( So annoying! Ofc this doesnt affect playing so I can live with that.. for now.

Whats really bugging me is that my controllers usb cable has major connectivity problems so i cant play with it anymore. I mean it does connect, but my controller driver keeps telling there was problem in connectivity when I plug it in >:(
So I tried playing with keyboard and I just ?? what. no. ?? problem. cant. KO. KO. nope. NOOOPE. ?? Ok Ill try agai- KO. yeah nope.

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Ashram Narse

Mateus (Crystal)

Controller issues are the worst. I used to think people that screwed up in a raid or dungeon then yelled, "my controller went nutz!" Where just making it up to justify being bad, but it happens to me once a week now sadly.
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